Constantly growing, reaching for higher quality. While enjoying the journey, knowing that perfection is what I strive for, knowing that the perfect result is just an illusion.

I treat every tattoo as my potential masterpiece. My legacy, a piece of art that will stay in history.


In a session client and artist will fuse to get the best end result. Therefore its very important that client and artist are clear on the piece what they will be working on.

Only when the concept is clear the artist can use his knowledge (creativity, skin knowledge, positioning, flow, contrast, anatomic, etc..) to translate clients ideas into a unique piece of art.


Invest time on searching and thinking about the story you want to tell. Or the images you would like to get.

Once setting your mind on the subject – think of where on the body you would like to wear it.

It is also very important to think about why you want to have this piece, because it will help you to find what you are looking for.


Once you have decided on your subject, you need to think about the placement. You want your tattoos to flow with the body, you also need clarity and readability. Also try to invest time in picking references. so we can really understand what you would like on your body.

Wear it like a cool piece of clothing or a nice piece of jewelry


Voor algemeen vragen wordt je doorverwezen naar Qualitatts.

Heb je vragen over mogelijke samenwerkingen met Chybs of B2B vragen dan kun je een mail sturen naar

Delft, The Netherlands


Please note that spaces are limited and I will only be taking on projects that are fitting towards my style of work (portraits, some religious work, statues, clown, girls, etc.) and are artistically challenging. If you’re not sure about your idea, have a look through my work to get an idea of the things I’m into working on. I will only be booking full day sessions or half days.

You are required to answer every question and send at least one file. Otherwise the inquiry wont send.